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Which Lock Picks are Best for me?

WithoutaKey now stocks a large range of different lock pick sets, and sometime too much choice can be confusing!

That's why we've written this small guide to help you choose the best set for you.

SouthOrd C2010

Quality vs Cost?

Here in the UK you really have a choice between US and Chinese manufacturers.  The American companies such as SouthOrd, Majestic, Peterson & Sparrow all produce excellent quality picks.  The Chinese produce good quality picks at very reasonable prices.  So you have to weigh up quality versus cost.

We recommend SouthOrd Lock Picks - excellent quality and reasonably priced.  They can be a little expensive towards the end of the spectrum, but to be honest it is worth it.  They have metal laminated handles, leather cases and feel great even after hours of picking.  

Their most popular set is the SouthOrd 22 Piece Lock Pick Set, like all the slimline lock pick sets it's perfect for narrow keyways that you'll see in the UK and abroad.

Most Popular: SouthOrd 22 Piece Lock Pick Set

GOSO 24 Piece Lock Pick SetIf you have set your heart on a cheaper set of lock picks then your options are generally either the GOSO 24 piece lock pick set (pictured), 15 piece lock pick set, 7 piece hook pick set, or a simple 9 piece hook pick set.

The GOSO 24 Piece set comes with 20 lock picks with ergonomic plastic handles, four turning tools, and is packaged in a plastic faux-leather look case.

If you want to start picking on a budget it's the choice for you.


Still not sure what to pick? Get in touch and we can help you choose.