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So, you want to learn how to pick locks?

You've come to the right place!

WithoutaKey has been trading for over ten years and we've helped start thousands of people on the road to locksport.  So let us help you out with your next obsession!

First steps

All you need to start lock picking are 4 things, instructions, some picks, some locks and bucket loads of enthusiasm.

1. Instructions

This bit is easy, we've written a great primer on how to pick locks and it's freely downloadable when you join our newsletter, so pop your name and email in the boxes below and we'll send it straight to your inbox.


2. Lock Picks

Now onto the real thing - the picks.  There are LOADS of sets out there, in fact it can be all a little confusing, so at WithoutaKey we've really made it simple.  We've got picks that will get you going that are only £2.99, they're cheap and cheerful, but it's a start.  If you want something better then the GOSO 24 Piece Set is still a great bargain, and this is the set loads of people start with (just ask on the lock picking forums).

If you're after quality - then go for SouthOrd we have their full range here, but our recommendation is the SouthOrd C2010 - it has everything you need and is the most popular set on the planet - no kidding!

3. Locks

Well you need some locks to practice on don't you!

Remember you can only pick locks you own, or you have permission to do so, but if you're worried about the legality of lock picking don't be - it's perfectly legal and nothing to be ashamed of.  We've even written an article on the legality of lock picking here.

WithoutaKey has numerous practice locks from clear see-through locks so you can see the inner workings, to real door locks with some of the pins removed to gain your confidence with.  You can check out the full range of practice locks here.

4.  Enthusiasm

We don't sell it (yet), but we'll leave that to you!  Lock picking or Locksport can be very rewarding.  The thrill of solving the puzzle that is a lock.  It needs time and energy - just like anything that's important in life.  But if you need help, we're always here as well as a huge community of fellow locksport enthusiasts (there is even a great forum you should go and join called UKLockSport).


To recap join the newsletter to get your free instructions, get some picks (we recommend either the GOSO set or the SouthOrd C2010), find some locks and get picking!

If you need any help picking a set or how to start get in touch - that's why we're here!