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Lock Picking PDFs

A collection of lock picking PDFs (suitable for reading on portable devices) from around the internet.  Some are very old now.

icon-file-pdf-32.png KLOM EPG User Guide

Our latest PDF Ebook on how to get the best results from a KLOM EPG.

icon-file-pdf-32.png The Mit Guide to Lock Picking

An excellent guide discussing pin tumbler picking.
This also explains various security pins as well as a good explanation of the technique of scrubbing.

icon-file-pdf-32.png Bumping Locks (Toool)

Helpful guide for bumping locks.
Discussing the theory and techniques behind this method.

icon-file-pdf-32.png The Impressioning Manual For Amateur Locksmiths

Providing a very good overview of impressioning locks.

icon-file-pdf-32.png Impressioning Guide

A one page information sheet giving some excellent information on how locks are impressioned.

icon-file-pdf-32.png Improvised Lock Picks

Some very good information contained in this short 18 page guide.  As well as explaining the basics of how locks work and raking etc this also includes a discussion of the little known technique of rapping, the Sesame combination lock and also opening handcuffs.

icon-file-pdf-32.png The LSI Guide to Lock Picking

This is a visual guide with many helpful photographs throughout.  This includes some excellent photographs of the insides of pin tumbler locks.  Also included is a very useful section on making your own lock picks.

icon-file-pdf-32.png Safecracking

Discusses safe and vault construction including some very good photographs explaining the inner workings of safe locks.  The guide also discusses a number of entry methods including drilling as well as manipulation.

icon-file-pdf-32.png Secrets of Lock Picking

Another guide that offers explanations of how locks work but also discusses magnetic locks.