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Unpickable Locks? Bring it On!

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How unpickable is an unpickable lock? It seems that the question should be 'How long is an unpickable lock unpickable for?'

A while ago I shared with you a video of a newly designed bicycle lock that was deemed to be unpickable. It was a truly unique design because the key was inserted into the lock but only operated the locking mechanism whilst the key was hidden within the lock. Part of the lock turned to hide the chamber where the actual lock was which was unreachable due to the turn of the casing. This effectively meant that the keyhole was unreachable from tools etc. Take a look at the video to remind you of the lock:

gawker-lock.jpgNot for Long!
It seems however, that a lock like this can only stay unpickable for so long as someone has managed to pick this lock. Essentially, he has created a bump key that he can use without having to access the lock mechanism directly. Take a look here:



A New Target!
It is fascinating how new lock designs are constantly being created (and beaten). Take a look at this video showing a lock based on a completely different concept. At the moment it appears to be unpickable but for how long I wonder.


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