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Security Pins - Tips and Tricks

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After speaking last time about unpickable locks I thought I'd turn my attention to security pins as these are what you will find on many locks now making them much more pick-proof.

The more you know...

Knowing how to detect security pins will save you a lot of time and frustration. Security pins can give the impression that the lock is picked as the plug will turn quite substantially but then come to an annoyingly abrupt stop.

I've found two very good videos that talk about picking these pins which are here.

What to Buy

If you want to practice picking these then you will find the practice Euro locks in the WithoutaKey shop has a security pin. Also, I'd certainly recommend you get a cut-away Euro lock too as you will then be able to see the security pin, along with the others, and this will really help you to get a better understanding and learn to pick them quicker.

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