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All You Need To Know About Raking

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This week I would discuss the very popular and highly used technique of 'Raking'. If you don't know this is a method of opening pin tumbler and wafer locks. Raking a lock is probably the first method that most people who begin to learn lock picking will use.

A Blazing must-read article

I was recently thinking about the different types of raking. I know that many lock pickers don't know about the various raking techniques and so I thought I would share a great resource with you that will teach you all you need to know about raking, and it was recently updated in November 2016. Here's the link:


This is a very informative and very detailed article on locks and lock picking and I would highly recommend you read it all. It is by a guy called Matt Blaze who has written many brilliant articles.

More than one way to rake a lock...

However, the main reason for drawing your attention to it today is for the particular discussion about raking. It is about three quarters down the page and entitled "Exercise 8: Using Rake Picks".

Here Matt takes you through a number of different raking techniques which are: sawtooth, rubbing, jiggle key raking and reverse picking (sometimes called over lifting).

When people first learn about raking they often think of the technique as simply inserting the pick all the way into the lock and quickly pulling it out whilst applying tension to the plug with the turning tool. As a result they can struggle with successfully picking locks because there is more to the method in addition to the different techniques.

Please do read the section, even if you feel that your own raking technique is good. Knowing different techniques is always helpful and you never know a lock might yield with one technique where a different one failed.

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